Katie K

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Kate K is a gorgeous blonde with bold red lips. She is on the bed with one leg bent on top of the maroon sheets. Her other leg is stretched out to the floor and she is holding it with her right hand. She is wearing a black long sleeved top and a red skirt which is hiked up, exposing her see-through black panties. We can see that Katie K has a nice round ass and flawless skin. She is also wearing black stockings and black pumps on her sexy legs.

Louise Jenson

Big Tit Model Louise Shows Off Nice Stockinged Legs

Louise Jenson is a sexy brunette who loves the old Hollywood vixen look with dark eye make-up and plump red lips. Louise Jenson seems to be the bored wife type who likes to pose for photos on her bed just like this one. Vintage Flash Louise Jenson is sitting on the red bed with her right leg bent and her right hand removing her black strappy heels. On her body is black lingerie and matching pantyhose. She is smiling while she moves, as if she is enjoying being such a tease.

Jenny Badeau

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Jenny Badeau is standing up inside her kitchen. She has light brown wavy hair that falls a little below her shoulders and a white flower clip near her ear. On her body is a sexy black dress with red straps with flower print. Jenny Badeau also has yellow rubber gloves on her hands, ready to do some dirty work. From her head to her waist, Jenny Badeau looks like a typical housewife but from her waist down, we see she has a very naughty streak about her. Jenny Badeau shows off her sexy curves—her camel toe side her white underwear, complete with attached stockings and high heels on her legs.

Rebekah Dee

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Rebekah Dee is inside a posh room with white and cream colours. The beautiful brunette stands out with her curly hair and the look of seduction on her face. We can see that she has big breasts and a sexy body even if she is still covered in her grey and black lingerie. Rebekah Dee’s hands are reaching for her black stockings, teasingly moving to take them off. We can’t wait for her to take those and the rest of her clothes off!

Candy C

Super Hot Blonde Candy C In Frisky Nylon Feeling

Candy C is a sexy blonde momma with curve in all the right places. Candy C has long hair with curls, dark eye make-up and red lipstick. She is sitting down on an orange bed with her legs crossed. She is wearing a white lacy blouse and a stripped skirt. Peeking through her skirt is the hosiery consisting of garter belts and stockings. At the end of her legs is a pair of white peep toe heels. The only thing that could make this better is if Candy C lets us see her body and what she can do with it.

Tanya Cox

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Tanya Cox is a brunette with curls and full bangs. She has very creamy and flawless skin. Tanya Cox is bending over and she is naked, save for her stockings and garter belts. She has some red accessories that match her pretty red lips—a red flower clip on her hair, red stud earrings and red high heels. We can see that she has large natural breasts and plump round ass. And with a pose like that, it looks like Tanya Cox is tempting us to take her from behind and give her some light spanking too. You’re such a naughty girl, Tanya Cox!

Lucy Zara

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Lucy Zara is a pretty blonde babe with long lashes and dark pink lips. Lucy Zara is on a white bed; on her hands and knees. She is topless and her tits are absolutely stunning—they are big with light colored areola and stiff nipples. On her bottoms, Tanya Cox has a fitted red skirt and black stockings. She has red high heels at the end on her slender legs. Tanya Cox’s mouth is a little open in a sort of smirk-smile.

Chloe Lovette

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Chloe Lovette is having some naughty fun outdoors. The hot babe Chloe Lovette has long curly brown hair and red lips. She is wearing the classic vintage red lipstick.  Because she is topless and we can see her perky tits. Chloe is taking off her black see-through underwear, showing off her nice curvy ass cheeks. She is wearing black garter belts, to hold up her nylons. Light brown stockings and high-heeled shoes that are black and white put the entire ensemble together in a very classic way. This picture really exemplifies what Vintage Flash is all about.

Ashleigh Embers

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Ashleigh Embers is a blonde bombshell with bright red lips. She is sitting on a white couch wearing a frilly white blouse that shows off her cleavage. Ashleigh Embers looks like the absolute MILF with her big tits and long slim legs. She is also red hot with her lips, nails, belt and shoes all in bloody colour. This look of hers sure gets our temperatures rising and we can’t wait to see what this MILF can do.

Tammy Lee

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Tammy Lee is inside a room with country-style furniture. She is sitting on a bed with mint green sheets and floral pillows. The brown-haired Tammy Lee has a very seductive look about her with her red lips biting her left index finger. She is wearing a see-through blue dress with brown accents. On her feet she has a pair of sexy white high heels and inside her dress is a white bra. It looks like she doesn’t have any panties on. Take a closer look and see that she has her light brown stockings and garter belts but seemingly no underwear in sight! Naughty move Tammy Lee!